A lot of app and game development is just data entry, and I hate to waste all that work. So I just placed on github the list of words I compiled for a typing game, reformatted in JSON so you don't have to wrangle with the C# array I hardcoded for Unity (although that's available in my unityscripts repo).

I made that list over a decade ago (disturbingly, I find myself using that phrase a lot when referring to previous work), so it's missing any new popular terms that have come up lately (I'm warming up to "woke"), and since I culled them from a dictionary, variations of words are missing, such as different verb tenses, plurals, etc. And I also omitted anything that I didn't think quite right for a typing game, like proper nouns and swear words.

Still, it's over 1600 words, and partitioned by word length for your typing game convenience. And if you want to add more, you can always fork it.

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