Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep

Ironically, I found Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep a bit of a snooze. It's one of those books that took me a long time to finish because I kept nodding off every couple of pages.

It's partly because it cites study after study, which sounds good for science, but also, not so good for science, because it's presented in a Wired hype fashion ("sure, that doesn't prove causality, but how about this study!"). That style is digestible for TED talks and the gullbile but at book length it's like a marathon sales pitch.

So, like Bill Gates, I find the science a bit sloppy (but at least filled with copious citations, so you can do your own research), but overall persuasive enough that I regret all my past self-inflicted, school-scheduled, and management-mandated loss of sleep and the toll it likely took on my performance, personality, and health.

Game studios take note - creativity is also a casualty. But I doubt they'll give up crunch time without a class action lawsuit. That'll wake them up.

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