What Links Here

Besides the default ghost.io URL, I have two domain names redirecting here: philipchu.com and pc.cafe. I'll probably just leave them as redirects, as I don't know how long I'll keep them.

I've had philipchu.com for a long time, one of the first domain names I ever registered (technicat.com is the other), but while it seems like a good idea to have the domain name of your own name, I never use it. Maybe if I was famous...but a quick google shows there are plenty of me out there.

pc.cafe is a recent acquisition, registered when I decided I needed a short domain name to enter on anything without a keyboard (i.e. mobile devices).

It's a bit expensive, and there were cheaper options, but pc is actually explainable as related to my name, and pc.cafe can be Phil Chu's Cafe, Professional Computing Cafe, Phil's Cat Cafe... (I had technicat.cafe for a while, a nod to my dream of running a cat cafe/technical bookstore).

Also, pc.cafe looks like a URL useful enough that someone might actually buy from me, like for a PC cafe. But if history is any indication, I'll let it expire eventually, upon which it'll show up on a for-sale page.

In the meantime, come in and enjoy the coffee!

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