What It's Like To Be A Dog

What It's Like To Be A Dog

I love dogs, but the sight of my neighbors standing outside in the early hours of the morning waiting for their pets to poop reminds me that I'm a cat person. Still, I've had a couple of close calls where I almost adopted a dog recently, so I've been collecting dog books (I found a bunch on sale in the bargain bin of The Writer's Block)

The most recent one I finished is What It's Like To Be A Dog by Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist, so this isn't a training manual.

But it's the most engaging non-fiction dog book I've read so far (for fiction, I greatly enjoyed Because of Winn-Dixie, just as charming as the movie). The science and the scientific process are fascinating, but the author's personal journey and motivation are also compelling. If we can show that animals feel like we feel, will we treat them better?

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