A Retro Review

When you work on a remake of an old game, you get people complaining about things that aren't like the original, but that's a good thing. It shows you have a built-in audience, and it's useful feedback.

It's hard to reconstruct a game from memory and YouTube videos. I could haved used this latest detailed review of HyperBowl when I was still actively working on the game (but it'll be useful if I ever get back to it).

This game was so much fun when I was a kid. It really brings me back. There are a few things that I wanna point out that I wish could be added back/changed.
First I wanna talk about the UI.
1. I believe the original Hyperbowl used a different font for the timer, name, first and second ball.
2. I remember a slideshow (if you wanna call it that) on the right side that would cycle between all the possible maps, and a couple of pictures of an arcade.
3. I remember the pause menu being a blue bowling ball.
4. Didn't the "Hyperbowl" transition spin a bit more, and feature some red elements?

Another thing I wanna point out is some little features.
1. What happened to the cannon balls, and the cannon firing sound effect that played when you hit the cannons in High Seas?
2. What happened to the pot shattering sound effect in Pins of Rome?
3. What happened to the pack of butterfly above the pins in Yosemite?
4. In Tokyo, when your ball goes into that gutter thing with the red hand; what happened to the sound effect that sounded like your bowling ball fell down some stairs?
5. What happened to the trains that were on the rails in San Francisco? (Not the trams that could knock you into the gutter)
6. This one might have just been me. But didn't Yosemite have a higher contrast?
7. What happened to the crowd booing and crowd awww sound effect? The one in the steam release sounds a lot different from the one in the arcade edition. It also played when you got a 0 from not hitting pins, and not just from getting a gutter.
8. Your score use to spin and fly in from the bottom to the center, and not just zoom in from the center.
9. One mechanic that changed was the scoring. I remember in Yosemite when I knocked down 9 pins, and my ball came back down and hit the last pin I was awarded the strike. The steam release does not feature this. Same thing applies to when the time runs out. Even if your ball hit some pins when the time ran out, it would still count. It would make sense as to why this one wouldn't feature it, but one of the newer maps is a bit too long, and you can run out of time easily before you hit the pins.
10. Weren't there more Bowling ball designs?
11. Weren't the pins a bit brighter?

In the "Hyperbowl Plus! Edition", you could only roll you ball to select two of the six lanes. I was glad to see this feature not forgotten, but there was something that caught my eye.
1. The icons use to all spin a lot faster, and the Yosemite butterfly would flap its wings a lot faster. I noticed that Pins of Rome doesn't spin at all.
2. What happened to the red path in the level select?
3. Didn't the "doors" open at different speeds?
4. I feel like the icons in the level select had a stronger strobe light effect.

I'm not hating. I love this game and am still glad I can play it in some kind of way, since no matter how hard I try (VM's and all) I can't my original copy of arcade edition working. I do understand that unity is limited in what I can do, but are these minor things enough to break the game? If you remember this game as a kid, get it. It's still fun

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