A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

It’d be an exaggeration to say I’m a fan of Kathy Griffin — I haven’t exactly followed her career and I hated that Suddenly Susan show. But I do find her amusing, especially when she gets in trouble (really, did anyone actually believe Dakota Fanning was in rehab?), and I like that she dated the Woz. His appearance on her reality show about her life on the “D-list” was hilarious — the episode in which Team Griffin got pissed off when the anti-money Woz insisted on giving away t-shirts for free.

The Woz connection obligated me to buy her book, especially since it included a chapter of Woz-Griffin emails (and was 25% off at Ralph’s).

As a bonus, I found the book breezily entertaining with lot of takes on celebrities, as you might expect. As a double-bonus, Griffin goes into surprising depth about unflattering and uncomfortable aspects of her life, like her body issues (resulting in binge eating and cosmetic surgery that nearly killed her) and a rather dangerous and self-destructive family member.

As a triple-bonus, you take away from this book an appreciation of how tough it is to be in show-business, even just to get on the “D-list”. OK, I guess I’m a fan.

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