Ukrainian Developers

On, there is a call for submissions to a Ukraine aid bundle, and also an initial list of Ukrainian developers to support. So I scouted around for Ukrainians in my past social media connections.

Sergey Mohov is a well-known game designer (see his Breaking Into the Industry essay) active on twitter. I remember a few years ago discussing with him how little attention American news paid to acts of Russian agression against Ukraine (by the way, I had a similar impression when I worked in Hong Kong a few months before the 2014 Umbrella Revolution – Chinese political intimidation and human rights violations were almost daily news, except on state TV and American press).

Check out his profile and pinned tweet links for info on how to help.

Oleksandr Kaleniuk is a software engineer with a great programming math website and informed me (in a comment about a book review I wrote on John McCain's biography), that McCain is highly regarded in Ukraine for his support.

He is in the thick of things in Kyiv, and posted to Medium from there on his birthday.

You should read the whole thing and also his previous post, but I'll just finish by excerpting the final paragraph of his latest.

If you want to help Ukraine with your thoughts — put them in the internet. Do a blog post, write an article, tweet. You might think that your opinion is just an opinion, it can’t possibly save a life. No. I’m assuring you, as a first-row witness, that your support can save a soul.

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