Totally Awesome App

First of all, Happy Mother's Day, now let's talk about the latest App Store review for Talk Dim Sum.

It's a nice review, and it brings up some interesting points, such as how an app that might underwhelm initially can still worm its way into a user's good graces after a few years. Just keep working on it!

Also, the Mandarin support (which was a user request), turns out to be important. I made this app as a way to learn Cantonese (it's a language app disguised as a food app), you can't ignore the prevalance of Mandarin.

If I had infinite time and budget and language skills, I'd add all the Chinese dialects (one could argue they're really separate languages, and some do), e.g. my mom's side of the family is originally from Shanghai, so some of them still speak Shanghainese, and the early Chinese American immigrants actually spoke Taishanese.

But I have my hands full with Cantonese. It's reputation as one of, and maybe the most, difficult language to learn is well-deserved.

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