Thursday News

There's some drilling going on in my building right now as they renovate new units for sale, which is good for my condo value, but not great for programming, so here's some random bits of news, while I resist the impulse to repeatedly type "Driller is a Killer" Jack Nicholson-style.

I'd like to start off by thanking the person who paid a whopping $20 for HyperBowl on this morning. That's like a real game price! (and is a reminder how long it takes for all those $.99 app store sales to add up)

As for my Talk Dim Sum app, I briefly flirted with putting it on the Samsung Galaxy store (I tried putting HyperBowl on it ten years ago but gave up), but after hours of fiddling around with the registration process, just like ten years ago, I don't want to deal with it again, and in any case, I found the flutter speech-to-text feature in my app is broken.

It's open source, so I'll either wait for someone else to figure it out (the usual plan), or actually look into it. But in the meantime, I did figure out how to get links to work in the markdown widget. In SwiftUI text views, they're automatically tappable and launch a browser. In the flutter widget, you have to add a tap callback (and typically use the url_launcher plugin to bring up a browser).

	data: dish.description,
	onTapLink: (text, url, title) {        
		if (url != null) {          

This is actually a lot of work for an app that might only be used by me (the version the App Store is built with Swift, but at least the two implementations share the same JSON - at this point 99% of the development is data entry), but still I enjoy it, so there's something to be said for making something for your own satisfaction (and education!).

Speaking of education, my former Medium friend Oleksandr Kaleniuk (who was blogging from Kyiv but bailed on Medium because of their policies on the war or lack of), has released a new chapter in his Geometry for Programmers book. Splines!

And in other book news, I just finished reading one of my Writer's Block bargain bin acquisitions, Is Shame Necessary? New Uses for an Old Tool by Jennifer Paquet. It's an interesting read, defining shame (distinguishing its collective nature from individual guilt, for example), and not judging it so much as saying if you're going to use it, here's how to use it effectively, or at least artistically, as in this collaboration with Brian Eno.

And finally, if you're heading out to PaxEast, say hi to my comic book writer sister (maybe she's branching out into games?)

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