The Sequel is Never Better

When Apress contacted me about four years after publishing my Unity book for a second edition, citing the good reviews, I declined, citing their lack of marketing (not even a tweet), tendency to drag out payments (the $4000 advance was split into three installments rounded down, so they owe me a penny), and my unhappiness with their editing (in one copy-editing pass, they edited the code snippets as if they were English).

So they found someone else for the second edition, and this happened.

I didn't do all the twitter and Unity forum marketing that I did for the first edition, and in fact, they didn't even tell me when the second edition was published, much less send me a copy. They're officially in the group of people who only contact you when they want something.

From the Google Books preview I was able to see they'd ditched the preface from the first edition in which I thanked my parents and teachers and programming friends from high school (one who passed away), but not any editors, which I suspect is why it got excised.

But at least I made a few bucks off the second edition (the advance for the first edition is still cutting into those royalties, but no advance for the second edition means I don't have to wait for those dollars, or at least until they meet the minimum payment threshold), without spending a year revising and wrangling with the editors like I did with the first edition.

During that ordeal, one of the editors emailed a complaint about me to the other editors and accidentally sent it to me, and then gave me a "that's not who I am" apology (a variation of the corporate "we didn't meet our own high standards"). Another changed the punctuation in the code snippets as if they were English (I think some of that mangling is still in there).

Normally I complain about app and game publishers, but I'm not crazy about book publishers, either.

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