The Puppy Diaries

The Puppy Diaries

A book like The Puppy Diaries is comfort food. It's an easy, breezy read, and what's not to like about a senior editor at the New York Times going go ga ga over her dog while confessing to helplessness over controlling its adolescent antics (I was horrified at each mention of the dog consuming some household item – that dog must have a cast-iron stomach).

The book also has some informative bits we learn along with the author's journey in dog rearing education – useful for me, as I love dogs (and in general they seem to like me), but one thing that's kept me from adopting a dog (I'm not judging anyone who buys a pet from a responsible breeder, but I would definitely adopt), is I know nothing about training a dog.

Also, I don't want to pick up their poop every day (seeing my bleary-eyed neighbors walking their dogs in the morning is a constant reminder). That's why I stick to cats.

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