The Boba Book

The Boba Book

Due to a recent request to add boba drinks to my dim sum app (which has become more of a general Chinese food app), I reread my copy of The Boba Book.

It has the best explanation I've seen of the (somewhat debated) birth of boba (in Taiwan) and an insightful exploration of the worldly influences that came together in the form of boba milk tea (the only originally Chinese ingredient is tea).

It's also a gorgeous drink book with inventive concoctions mixing Mexican beverages, coffee, alcohol...although the prevalence of milk horrifies my lactose-intolerant bowels (I now appreciate the dairy-free boba drink powders I previously disdained and explained by the authors as a practical necessity in Taiwan's open-air markets).

But my favorite aspect of the book is the autobiographical. Asian-American children of immigrants relating their feelings of otherness, feeling in-between and not fully accepted by two cultures, finding themselves and inventing themselves (this is also a startup business story!) in boba, and casually tossing off jokes about American, Canadian, and Asian rappers in chat format.

I also appreciate the photo tips they provide for drink instagrammers. I'll use them for my dim sum app.

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