Talk Sandwiches

Talk Sandwiches

Among my favorite company cafeteria items during my work stint in Hong Kong were sandwiches. Partly because it was relatively easy for me to say sandwich in Cantonese (sāam màhn jih, sounds kind of like sandwich, more like salmon, which by the way is sāam màhn yùh).

In fact, sandwiches, Hong Kong-style sandwiches, are a staple of Hong Kong-style cafes (one of the few good things about colonialism is the cross-pollination of cuisine). Such as the club sandwich pictured above (gūng sī sāam màhn jih, literally company sandwich), or this corned-beef and egg sandwiches I got at Lucky House Asian Cafe recently.

Even when surrounded by good Chinese food, sometimes I'm just in the mood for a sandwich. And that's why my Talk Dim Sum app now has sandwiches.

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