HyperBowl Sunday

It's the SuperBowl tomorrow, but let me first celebrate the latest Steam review for HyperBowl.

As for the SuperBowl, I don't have a favorite, but I'm happy for the young rising star quarterback and the veteran quarterback who's finally getting a title shot. And I'm even happier the anti-vaxxer quarterback and the friend of Trump quarterback are out.

I know Joe Rogan is under fire right now for spreading vaccine misinformation (including to one of the aforementioned quarterbacks), but at least he's indicated he's not a Trump fan. And I've always enjoyed his UFC commentary, but the whole UFC is Trump-tainted.

Fortunately for me, there are other mixed martial art leagues, and in particular I like watching ONE FC. Compared to the UFC, there's less thuggery outside the ring and more respect for martial arts inside the ring.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming title match between Angela Lee and Stamp Fairtex. I've been a long-time Angela Lee fan (although her career hasn't been that long) and only recently viewed her previous fight that took place before the pandemic (and before she had a kid, so it's been a bit of a layoff ). That was a great fight.

If you're not into the violence, you can still enjoy the cosplay walkouts of another of my favorite ONE fighters, Rika Ishige.

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