Sea Sirens

Sea Sirens

My sister Amy Chu has written enough comic books by now that I haven't kept up with them, but of the ones I've read so far, my favorite is Sea Sirens, a take on a Frank L. Baum story (which I haven't read, although I worked my way through a bunch of the Oz books as a kid).

Sea Sirens features a Vietnamese-American surfer girl in Huntington Beach with a grumpy cat, so it harkens back to my years cat-ownership years in Surf City (though I never learned to surf) and getting dim sum and pho in adjacent Westminster (the largest Vietnamese community in the US, home of Little Saigon).

Also, it's nice to see an Asian American in a comic. In film and TV, they always say it's a casting issue. Comics, what's your excuse?

This past week, I purchased the nook book version which has a "ZoomView" that is a bit unpredicatable, but I think is intended to navigate to and focus on panels within a page, which is a pretty cool feature.

Here, I was able to appreciate the detail in the art, provided by illustrator Janet K. Lee, who started her Eisner-winning career only about ten years ago.

So don't despair if you no longer qualify for those 30-under-30 lists – you can always start a new and creatively fulfulling career in comics later in life!

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