Red Rock, Red Rock

Red Rock, Red Rock

It took noisy remodeling next door (the Descender refrain “Driller is a killer!" kept going through my mind), but after five years in Las Vegas, I finally ventured out to Red Rock Canyon just west of the city (in fact, adjacent to tony Summerlin, yet another perk of the well-heeled).

The area has campsites and trails and is a favorite among local and visiting rock climbers, but I just drove the thirteen-mile scenic loop (with the windows down, as you get a nice ten degree drop in temperature by the time you reach the highest point).

It's a leisurely drive (35 mph limit, slower in same stretches), or ride, if you're biking, with viewing stops almost every mile. $15 for each car to enter the loop – instead of spending that to mask up in a Delta-filled theater for ninety minutes, head to Red Rock Canyon and get some fresh air!

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