Pop's Philly Steaks

Pop's Philly Steaks

Five years in Vegas and I'm still working my way through the ridiculous amount of food here. Today's checked off the checklist is Pop's Philly Steaks, open 24hrs but seems there's always a line there except early in the morning, which is when I stopped by.

I've driven by often (it is just west of downtown), but this was my first close up look, and apparently they're serious about these being philly steaks (I haven't been to Philly in twenty five years, so I'll take their word for it).

It's pretty much a core competency menu: philly steaks, hoagies, and grinders (the east coast has an entire etymology of submarine sandwiches)

I went with the breakfast grinder with bacon, it being breakfast time. Basically all my favorite kinds of cholestorel in one meal.

If you do stop by Pop's, and not during the wee hours, check out the Velvet Underground comic book store just down the street (recommended to me someone I met at the geek hangout Millennium Fandom Bar - this city has everything!)

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