Out of Pinterest

The process of deleting a social media account often validates my decision to delete the account. Pinterest is the most recent example. It's one of the more inoffensive social media, so I still had it around after shedding Facebook (and its acquisitions Whatsapp and Instagram), YouTube, and Twitter, but I didn't want to spend any more time uploading to Pinterest (in other words, working for the man...) so I figured it's time to clean up the stragglers.

First, I didn't see any way to export the content of my account. That pretty much removed the rationale for using Pinterest to store photos (store being the operative word). And while looking for that option in my settings, I discovered some options to get attributed when my content is shared. Why am I discovering this just now, and why is it opt-in? It's a reminder that Pinterest has a history of asserting broad rights to your content. Par for the course in social media, but again, that's a reason for the cleanse.

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