I've been buying my Mac hardware from Best Buy because they typically include a few months of some combination of Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple News. Actually, I don't care about the Apple News, because this

Think about how much more actual news could be conveyed without all the useless photos taking up most of the space. Although with the way clickbait headlines are written these days, each one would be a paragraph-long "You won't believe what happened next!"

And I've taken to filtering out Fox News, all the Oscars articles, and crazy WSJ editorials by blocking channels, which doesn't actually remove the content, just covers it with blank space, taking up just as much room.

This was one of the reasons I left Medium, it was a big tabloid, encouraging everyone to include stock photos with their stories. I never want to see another screen-sized photo of a typewriter, or of a cup of coffee, or of a lean gen-younger-than-me gazing serenely from a cliff or at the ocean, or from a cliff at the ocean.

And Medium is not just a tabloid, it's a tabloid with social media aspirations, so you get the awful feed and annoying commenters. I noticed Oleksandr Kaleniuk has been getting some of those on his recent, i.e. since the invasion started, posts, which I find moving and insightful, but looks like he might bail on Medium.

So, in case they might vanish soon, I just want to finish up here by linking to his most recent stories, Russians don't get modern nations and thus will never get Ukraine, and On Russia, hate, and accountability.

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