HyperBowl Scripts

I've been telling HyperBowl users I'm no longer working on the Unity version of the game, and to show I'm serious, I just placed the HyperBowl Unity scripts on github, in a repo that already contained a bunch of general-purpose scripts (also used by HyperBowl) which may or may not still work (one of the reasons I get tired of working with Unity).

I even threw in some old Javascript/Unityscript game scripts, just in case. There's about ten thousand lines of code in there, now (although it's padded by the typing game file that's just a long list of words).

None of the original HyperBowl assets or code is in there, this is all stuff I've implemented since in the last five years (I'm not counting all the previous Javascript/Unityscript I had to replace). Feel free to use them in your own bowling game. Just don't call it HyperBowl!

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