For thirty years, I've been thinking I should read Maus because it's important. But I knew it would be an upsetting read. Finally, after reading about it's background and development in Why Comics?, I picked up a copy in the (rather serious) graphic novel section of The Writer's Block.

Normally, I can plow through a graphic novel in a day (which is not so good for my budget, but does keep my stack of unfinished books down). With Maus, I had to take a lot of breaks, much like the author did while taking down the recollections of his Holocaust survivor father.

Perhaps the stories had more impact and seeming relevance now than they would have thirty years ago, whether because I'm older, or the Internet and social media immediacy of atrocities, genocide, and suffering around the world, or the display of all kinds of prejudice adn the normalization of white nationalism in this country (and around the world). Maus is worth reading now, more than ever.

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