Mac Dim Sum

I'm finally reaping the rewards of Flutter's multi-platform support by publishing a Mac version of Talk Dim Sum on, using the same codebase as the Android version, but with Cupertino widgets (sometimes "cross-platform" means duplicating a lot of code).

The iOS version was already on the Mac App Store due to the automatic "opt-in" of any M1-compatible iPad apps (this, after rejecting my HyperBowl app on the Mac App Store years ago for supposedly being too similar to the iPad version - just one among my list of Apple rejection grudges).  But the Flutter version behaves a bit better than a pretend iPad and has most of the useful features (text-to-speech pronunciation of the Chinese words, saving favorite dishes, links and maps of restaurants...).

The speech-to-text feature (to practice pronouncing dishes) doesn't seem to be working, last time I checked (maybe time to do some open source plugin debugging), some features I never got around to implementing in Flutter (highlighting the characters as they're spoken, again maybe needs some open source augmentation), and some features like tags and links for each dish are in the Android version but not yet added to the Cupertino UI, so I guess I have more work to do (or just run the Android version on Macs, but I'm not that sore at Apple, yet!).

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