There's a new cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style cafe) in town, called the Lucky House Cafe, and they're serving all-day dim sum (except the rice noodle rolls, they stop serving those at 2PM).

From my first sampling, I'd say it's pretty decent, restaurant-quality dim sum (not a given – I recently got dim sum at another restaurant that served supermarket counter quality dim sum, which is fine for supermarkets, but a disappointment in a restaurant).

The depicted assortment includes shrimp dumplings (ha gow), sticky rice in lotus leaves (no mai gai), Malay cake (ma lai gou), and baked BBQ pork bun (guk cha siu bao). The latter was particularly tasty, sporting a crunchy top reminiscent of the specialty at Tim Ho Wan (although their version is crispy all around).

Definitely, I'll be going back for more (especially while I'm waiting for Tim Ho Wan at the Palms to reopen).