Las Vegas Day

Today is Las Vegas Day, formerly known as Helldorado (which sounds exciting, but in a Clive Barker way, so I approve of the rebranding). It seems to me the whole shebang is scaled down this year, but there's still a parade:

And instead of the usual rodeo, a small festival at the Historic Fifth Street School, with a taco truck, band, and circus performers.

Again, I approve of this new version, and it's very Vegas.

So while Las Vegas (and Nevada overall) has issues (scoring low on education and health care, ridiculously dependent on tourism and gambling), it's a good day to appreciate what's good about this place. For example, we're not in Gilead, unlike much of the country, particularly if Roe is overturned, as this graphic from NBC News shows.

And thus Nevada is bracing itself for a new category of visitors who need to cross state lines to get an abortion. It's making me rethink my plan to cross the red line and possibly move to Salt Lake City, although on the other hand, the way to solve this is migrate batches of self-described progressives from the Bay Area into enemy voting territory. This is where remote work could really make a difference.

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