Larry McMurtry

Larry McMurtry

Larry McMurtry passed away this week. I started reading his work after seeing the Lonesome Dove series and rewatched and reread that story a few times since. In fact, just in the past couple of months, I binged the series, which prompted me to pick up the book at The Writer's Block, and then I read the Barnes and Noble ebook of the sequel Streets of Laredo.

What I love about his books (many of which have been made into movies, such as The Last Picture Show and Terms of Endearment), are the characters, typically sympathetic, emotionally layered yet simply spoken, simply spoken yet eminently quotable.

In my latest reading of Lonesome Dove, I appreciated this bit of advice from the garrulous cowboy philosopher Gus McCrae (delivered with aplomb in the series by Robert Duvall) to a woman with her heart set on going to San Francisco:

You see, life in San Francisco is still just life.

But the most enduring words are from his taciturn partner Woodrow Call (played with equal aplomb by Tommy Lee Jones in the series):

I hate rude behavior in a man. I won’t tolerate it.

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