Julia Child

Julia Child

My latest pick from the Writer's Block bargain bin is the Julia Child installment in the Last Interview series. It's actually a few interviews, still a fairly thin book, but enough to expand on my flimsy knowledge of her, consisting of dim memories of seeing her show in my youth and seeing her cookbooks on the shelf.

For one thing, I didn't realize she's that tall, tall enough to disqualify her from enlisting in the WWII women's military corps (WACS and WAVES), which led her to working in the OSS (precursor to the CIA), posts in Asia (Ceylon and China), then joining her husband in Europe for his postwar State Department assignment, where she was introduced to French cuisine, and she introduced French cooking to America.

But her adventure for taste was first awakened in Asia, so who knows, a few more years there and Julia Child might be famous for introducing Asian food to America (and then maybe I wouldn'get questions like "Are Chinese and Japanese food the same?"

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