The Road to iOS 15

The Road to iOS 15

This has got to be a personal record – I have two updates for the same app, Talk Dim Sum, released on the App Store in the same day, I suspect because I included the phrase "fixes for iOS 15" in the release notes.

The first update replaced all the action sheet popups with SwiftUI Menu, because in iOS 15 the action sheets were popping up but also popping out of the current view to the parent view.

SwiftUI Menu is a much more SwiftUI way of doing things in that you can enclose any Views in the menu instead of just predefined ActionSheet constants, but it doesn't really work that well either. Both in iOS 14 and iOS 15 itometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn't, frequently logging to the console "Unable to present. Please submit a bug report."

There are some new ways to present action sheets in iOS 15, but they're iOS-15 only, so I'm not going to use them while iOS 15 is in a try-it-if-you-dare release to users.

But hey kids, I remember when we didn't have popups. Yup, we just had a few lines of text on the screen and every menu was a new screen and we were happy with that. So Plan B (or C) is to replace each popup with a transition to another screen like the one above, released in the second update today, which used to be a popup menu listing the links along with a map option. Necessity is the mother of new user interfaces.

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