I'm on IMDB

I'm on IMDB

Now that IMDB is owned by Amazon, I'm not so enamored with it, but still I've always envied my colleagues who worked on films and got IMDB credits. Now, one more vague career goal accomplished: there are three people with my name on IMDB, and I'm one of them.

I'm the one in the middle, and I'm only there because IMDB now includes video games. I confess I added myself after seeing Darkwatch there, but didn't bother adding every other programmer, because it's a long list (I joined late in the project, but I gather it ws one of those uh oh, project's behind schedule, so let's throw every programmer in the building on it).

In fact, all of my namesakes there have mostly video game credits, so not only are Asian Americans sorely underrepresented in Hollywood, Asian Americans with my name are more so. It seems unlikely at this point that I'll make the leap to the silver screen (or Netflix), but I guess that's loser talk: I'm happy to see my sister recently got her first TV writing credit, and my friend Shiro Kawai has always been an inspiration with his acting, piano playing, and open source development.

Anyway, here I am in the in-game credits, at the 1:15 point of this video.

I'm next to misspelled Massachusetts (someone decided the rank and file credits should list where everyone is "from" – which is another reason I'm all for standard crediting guidelines).

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