Fiber, where have you been all my life? Today, as I'm moving back into my condo, I had fiber optic Internet set up. I didn't even know that was an option in my building (you'd think that would be a selling point in the brochure – I am now going to add it my property's Zillow description), as I just went with the convenience of transferring my previous 50Mbps plan when I first moved in. Actually, I think it was 20Mbps at the time (often dipping to 10Mbps) but got upgraded at some point.

But when I was about to transfer it back this second time, Cox was going to charge $100 for an installation appointment, so I decided to check out CenturyLink, which I've avoided so far because of all their one-star ratings, but their $65/month deal for fiber beat the $76/month I was paying Cox, and they promise to never raise the rate (normally not a selling point in the Moore's Law world of inexorably improving price/performance, but in the nickel and dime world of cable companies, yet it is).

And the installation appointment was free. Yes, I did wait all Saturday for no one to show up between the hours of 8AM-5PM. But one chat support session later (I appreciate their was an explanation: "the job was not taken off hold from the backend"), the appointment was rescheduled, the guy showed up, and two hours later I had fast Internet and an updated understanding of how bizarrely wired my place is. The home office is now operational.