Happy New Year!

I was looking forward to watching the Chinese New Year parade pass by my downtown condo today, but apparently it was cancelled, I assume due to the pandemic.

So instead of posting photos of the parade, I'll just post this latest HyperBowl review on Steam I found while waiting for the parade to happen.

And the other available photo recently saved on my desktop is this egg tart from a recent expedition to 85c Bakery.

If you're familiar with dim sum, you probably know of the standard Hong Kong-style egg tart, but this is a Portuguese-style egg tart, a specialty of Portuguese-colonized Macau and now also frequently offered at dim sum and Chinese bakeries, resembling pastel de nata (which by the way you find in Vegas at the outlet shopping mall).

So there, I managed to get in a bit of Chinese culture for Chinese New Year (which technically is February first but technically lasts two weeks, now that's a holiday!).

Gung hay fat choy!

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