Happy New Review and Résumé !

I'm starting off the year with a good HyperBowl on Steam review

and also, new year, new résumé. A long time ago (like over a decade ago), I was fiddling with an XML resume format, which by the way led to my first open source contribution, some enhancements and fixes to JFOR, so I could generate RTF versions of my résumé (it now pains me to realize my first open source work was to support recruiters' reliance on Word).

Well, XML is old hat, so there is a JSON Resume format, and, if you're on Github and place your JSON resume in a gist named json.resume, the site will display your resume using your github username, e.g. here's mine https://registry.jsonresume.org/technicat

They have different themes, so I'll be playing with that for a while.

Finally, some fireworks.

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