Happy Birthday to Me

It was my birthday this week, which just advances me further into the Logan's Run expiry of software engineering careers.

Although the last time I performed this web search, the result was "what do software engineers do after 35?" so I guess everyone asking this question is shifting their deadline.

In any case, as a birthday present to myself, I added more notable people with the same Chinese surname as me to my Talk Dim Sum app (I originally made this app to help order dim sum, but it also assists when people ask what my real Chinese name is).

In the process, I've discovered almost no one else spells my Chinese surname as Chu – in Hong Kong it's usually Tsui (e.g. Tsui Hark, filmmaker), expressing the Cantonese pronunciation. For Mandarin it's Xu in mainland China (e.g. Xu Beihong, painter), and Hsu in Taiwan (e.g. Barbie Hsu, actress).

So if you see another Chu, it's probably not the same Chu as me.

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