HyperBowl is an arcade bowling game I worked on two decades ago and licensed for a Unity game engine reimplementation one decade ago.

‎Be the ball! Bowl around the richly imaginative six fantasy lanes of the original attraction game: the eerie Classic lane, ancient Rome, an idyllic Forest, rocking High Seas, the streets of San Francisco and the bright night lights of Tokyo. In addition, this licensed remake features several all-n…
HyperBowl on Steam
Be the ball! Roll around the original six HyperBowl lanes and some new ones. Enjoy the scenery, but remember to head for the pins! Play 1-4 players in the original Arcade Mode or quick-play in single-player mode.
HyperBowl by technicat
A licensed Unity remake of the classic

Fugu Maze was either my first or second app on the App Store way back in 2009.

‎Fugu Maze
‎Use your iPhone or iPad to find your way out of the maze with just your footsteps and a flashlight to guide you. Don’t let the suspense sound effects make you nervous! The 3D maze is regenerated each time, with randomly generated layouts, randomly selected bump-mapped wall materials, and randomly …

Itch.io is my main portal of miscellaneous projects, including my Fugu Games brand.


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