Fugu Maze on the M1 Mac

Fugu Maze on the M1 Mac

I republished Fugu Maze on the App Store just out of curiosity, to see if it was playable on an M1 Mac. And it is, sort of. It's designed for two-thumb control on iOS: press the lower left of the screen with your left thumb to move forward, and swipe with your right thumb to turn. That's easy and intuitive (I hope), but the emulated controls on an M1 Mac are a bit clunky: click on the lower left of the screen to move forward, and then click on the middle of the screen and drag left-right to turn.

But it works! So I guess I'll leave it published for now. I removed it from the App Store because it hasn't been getting a lot of downloads for a while, the App Store app doesn't do a good job of showing more than two apps on a developer profile, and I'm not making any money off it.

But looking at it now, the average rating is better than I remembered (actually pretty good for a free game – I've found I get better ratings for paid games, which filter out the peanut gallery), so why not, it does have sentimental value (one of my first apps, launched on the App Store back in 2008!)

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