For Sale

I've been reorganizing my condo to suit my office space tastes, going for a socially-distanced creative coworking vibe (except I hate coworking spaces, unless they involve cats).

I'm also putting a little extra work into it because I put my place up for sale. For instance, the posters at top left are from a little artist-owned art store I just discovered in, appropriately, the Arts District (I was inordinately pleased when my realtor asked if I'm an artist – it's always a disappointment in when they immediately peg me as a programmer).

I've been in Vegas six years now, which is a bit longer than my five-year rule of thumb for staying in a city, but allow a little stretch for the pandemic. For my next stop, I'm keeping it open, but my criteria include a good coffee shop scene, a good indie bookstore, and a good cat cafe, and a summer that is not as blisteringly hot as here. Oh yeah, and cost of living (goodbye California, so long Portland). Thus I'm thinking Salt Lake City.

Speaking of cat cafes, my new favorite cafe cafe is in Ukraine.

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