Executive Order 9066

Eighty years ago as of yesterday, FDR signed Executive Order 9066 resulting in the internment of 120,000 Japanese-Americans (although their suspect loyalty didn't prevent them from getting drafted) .

This might seem like old news, but many of those who lived in those camps are still around (the ones who didn't get shot), and the property and businesses they had to leave behind got picked up by someone (you really get to know the quality of your neighbors during a mass deportation).

And I just checked the Huntington Beach city government page to verify they're still showing their otherwise fluffy centennial video which, around the 26:30 mark, briefly mentions the Japanese-American interment, although taking the "American" out of it and referring to all of them as "residents" and "immigrants" (two-thirds were native-born Americans and surely many of the others would have been citizens if not for the prohibition against naturalizing Asians), and their loyalty as a "question that could not be answered."

In a victory for small-town activism, or just passive-aggressiveness, they did tell me that although no one else complained, they wouldn't show it on their city TV channel anymore just because of me.

Speaking of imprisonment and forced labor of an entire population based on their ancestry or ethnicity, are you enjoying watching the authoritarian Olympics? Xinjiang is ten times the scale of the Japanese-American internment, and with worse abuses (although looking at Xinjiang and saying we only did a tenth of that doesn't sound so great). At least Xinjiang has a new Tesla showroom.

I'm just glad I read Cixin Liu's trilogy before I read his New Yorker comments on Xinjiang. I may pass on the Netflix series (I still haven't seen the new Mulan, I only watch Disney+ for the Mandalorian).

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