Dog Gelato

Dog Gelato

Summerlin is the posh, or middle-posh to upper-posh area of Las Vegas, a master-planned community created by the Howard Hughes Corporation (it's named after Hughes' grandmother). Ever since I contemplated moving Las Vegas, people told me I should move to Summerlin.

I was in the middle-posh portion yesterday, though at first I didn't realize it, as I was catching up on all my checkups (medical, dental, vision...), and the Quest labs in that strip mall had openings on a few hours notice. When I got there, it was bright, clean and the waiting room was mostly empty, so that should have been a clue right there, along with the woman who came in unmasked with her unmasked kids and started arguing that they didn't have to wear a mask because she's vaccinated (I suppose it'd be customary to call her a Karen but that seems to unfair to everyone named Karen). Meanwhile, the other patient waiting there was on an oxygen tank because he'd contracted Covid back in January.

But afterwards, I checked out that strip mall and stopped by a gelato place to get a drink for the summer heat and a dessert to replenish all the blood they extracted from me.

And that's when I noticed they serve gelato for dogs, along with a hospitable dog watering hole.

And that's when I knew I was in Summerlin.

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