Dim Sum in Kyiv

I haven't updated the restaurant list in Talk Dim Sum for a while, but I found a dim sum restaurant in Kyiv, aptly named Bao. It looks good.

I think I learned my first Ukrainian word. I'm pretty sure ДІМСАМИ means "dim sum."

This is the latest post (translated) on their Facebook page, dated March 2.

OUR FIGHTERS NEED HELP! ⠀ We are preparing to help the heroes! We thank our chefs @ bao.restaurant, @ nam.kyiv, @georgiakiev and @ mafia.ukraine for courage and hard work in such difficult times for Ukraine. More than 1,000 servings are sent daily by the team to the Armed Forces, Terrorism, Police, Doctors and the Needy 🙏🏻 ⠀ We find opportunities to help our State! Join the useful work! Our unity and joint efforts will win! ⠀ If you: - manufacturer or supplier of products, and want to help! - businessman, you have the opportunity, but you want to help!

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