Cinefex 2.2.9

Apple's been getting sloppy, lately. There was that recent Xcode release on the Mac App Store that just didn't work (if you're using Swift packages) and had to be updated a couple of days later, and then NewsstandKit stopped working in iOS 15.

Admittedly, NewsstandKit is deprecated, but usually that means eventually in Xcode you can't compile with the library (this is why in one Cinefex update I had to rewrite the video player code, and I dread the day when Apple follows through on their threat to drop OpenGL ES).

In this case a bunch of released apps are no longer usable, and eventually you may notice some angry App Store reviews punishing you with one-star ratings. So after some scrambling to figure out I needed to replace NewsstandKit with URLSession (which might also get the app working on M1 Macs), I present to you the latest update of the Cinefex app.

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