Chrysanthemum Pu'er Tea

Chrysanthemum Pu'er Tea

Sundays, especially on holiday weekends, are dim sum days, and the first thing they ask you at a dim sum restaurant is what tea you want. If you want to show you know your stuff, try ordering chrysanthemum pu'er tea, which is pu'er tea brewed with chrysanthemum leaves.

It's not hard to remember how to pronounce, if you remember that in Cantonese pu'er tea is pronounced póu néi chàh (the p always sounds to me like a b, and the n always sounds like an l to me). pu’er is the Mandarin pronunciation.

And chrysanthemum tea is gūk fā chàh in Cantonese, so chrysanthemum+pu'er is a combination of the first words from each: gūk póu chàh.

And of course you can fall back to just pu'er or chrysanthemum tea if they don't have the combo. If you want to practice listening or saying the words (the trick is rising/falling/flat tones of each syllable, got to get that right!), try my Talk Dim Sum app on iOS or Android.

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