Cedar City

Cedar City

The Las Vegas summer heat, nation-leading covid numbers, and my neighbor's subwoofer impelled me to take a road trip into Utah. It's my first time in that state, so I experienced a bit of culture shock after I crossed the state border into St. George and saw the speed limit is 80mph, the population is 97% Caucasion, and no one is wearing masks (I googled to confirm the pandemic is indeed in southern Utah). Also, they have Asian restaurants that are just "Asian" (they don't even bother calling them "pan-Asian"), combining Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food (and also fish tacos, I mean, why not).

But things got more interesting when I stopped in Cedar City, a small town but home of Southern Utah University so it's got a nice little Main Street with coffee shops, a bookstore, and street art. It's also got an art museum (really just a gallery curated by students but there's this nice outdoor art), and hosts the annual Utah Shakespeare Festival.

My first reaction is who would drive all this way to see a play? But I guess I'm a philistine, as in the art museum I met others from Vegas who were in town for that day's performances.

My only complaint, besides the lackadaisical attitude towards masks (the campus has signs saying it's "mask friendly" so hey, you can wear a mask if you want to) is that, again, the Asian food pickings are slim, but I guess if people can drive from Vegas to see Shakespeare, the locals can drive to Vegas for dim sum.

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