Cat Cafes of America

Cat Cafes of America

I have two requirements for a place to live: decent selection of Asian food, a good bookstore, and a cat cafe.

Especially when downtown living gets too loud (subwoofers should be outlawed), I need a place to go and relax. And cats know how to relax. So here in Vegas I go to the Rescued Treasures Cat Cafe.

For a while, it looked like there would be a cat cafe downtown, but that fell through. At least we have Snowball.

One of these days, I'd like to do a cross country cat cafe roadtrip (that would be a great reality show). These are the ones I know of (I've been to the first two).

Welcome to PALnv & Rescued TreasuresCat Cafe
Dedicated to Saving OurCommunity Cats!
The Cat Cafe | Kitty Cafe & Cat Adoption San Diego
Visit San Diego’s famous cat coffee shop! Grab a drink, a bite to eat, and cuddle with friendly, adoptable felines. Try our Cats on Mats Yoga class! Book now.
Salt Lake City Cat Cafe
Tinker’s Cat Café offers coffee tea & local sweets. Relax and play with our cats that are up for adoption.
MAUHAUS Cat Cafe & Lounge
St. Louis’s first permanent cat cafe
Seattle Meowtropolitan
Mew Haven Cat Cafe
Connecticut’s first cat cafe is here!
CatCafe Lounge & KItten Lounge
Los Angeles’ only nonprofit Cat Cafe & Kitten Lounge. Snuggle and play with our adorable (and adoptable!) cats and kittens.
Denver Cat Company
Denver Cat Company is Denver’s Cat Cafe

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