Coffee Walk

Coffee Walk

This morning I had my first coffee shop dine-in (drink-in?) experience since the pandemic began, not because I feel vaccine-invincible (Las Vegas is back on the covid exponential upswing), but because my building's fire alarm went off, and if I'm going to stand outside in hundred degree weather (this is at 8AM, it gets hotter...), then I might as well walk to one of the many coffee shops downtown.

It was a false alarm - a good thing, as the lights on my floor have been off the last few days, which means the exit stairs are pitch black, which is a recipe for disaster. I chose to go down the hall and exit through the parking garage, but this was straight out of a horror video game.

But once I escaped to the sunlight, it was a pleasant but UV-filled walk down renovated Third St. to Bungalow Coffee, which only opened a few months ago. It fulfilled my requirements: cold drinks and comfy seating, and I scavenged some reading material off their shelves.

If they would just plant some additional shade trees or install more overhangs on the Third St...

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