Blame Canada (again)

I don't know why Canadians have the reputation (or stereotype) of being super polite. My worst app reviews are from Canada. Or maybe it's just my dim sum app.

One reviewer got in a huff that I didn't include Vancouver and San Francisco in the restaurant list. Well, just ask. You're more likely to get a new feature with honey than with a one-star rating, as the saying goes.

Still, I prefer that to "I really wanted to give five stars but..." reviews that remind me of the 3rd Rock From the Sun approach to tipping.

It's a Canadian review that prompted me to unpublish Talk Dim Sum from Google Play just now. Really, I was just looking for an excuse, as I don't like dealing with Google Play for many reasons (I'll list one here: developer spam), and I've already unpublished my other apps long ago, maybe even PP (pre-pandemic).

In fact, I only published Talk Dim Sum on Google Play to learn how to publish flutter apps to Google Play. Since then, the downloads have been few, just a couple a day, but I figured I'd keep updating it if it got good reviews, and remove it if I got negative reviews (I like to think of it as business sense with a dash of you-don't-deserve-my-app).

After a few months, the first review that showed up was actually middling, three stars, and if you count by sentences, one-half to two-thirds negative (part of it is a vague "doesn't work" - really, the app rating feature is not as useful as a proper bug reporting system).

But what I took issue with was the reviewer saying it's "annoying" that they couldn't copy-and-paste the dim sum names (I assume the Chinese names). That's fine as a feature request, but if there's one thing that unreasonably irritates me, it's someone getting unreasonably irritated, particularly in an entitled manner, especially with a free app that has no ads. In other words this is pretty much a public service, or me working for Google for free.

I responded that the complaint was annoying (Google Play has a 350-character response limit, so there's not much room to say more), and I guess they didn't like that word either, as the three-star rating turned into one star, and that's all the excuse I needed to boycott Google Play again.

So now if you want the Android version of Talk Dim Sum, you have to get it from, which is where I wanted you to get it, anyway (because, indie). And if you don't like that, blame Canada. Or Google. Or me. But leave a nice review.

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