App Boycott

By app boycott I mean not users boycotting apps, but apps boycotting users. And I'm only talking about my apps on the App Store. But I've been thinking the last few days it doesn't make sense to applaud Apple's cessation of product sales to Russia if I'm still selling my apps there, so I'm joining the sanctions bandwagon by removing Russia from my App Store distribution.

Of course, Belarus has to be included for their stoogely participation in the invasion of Ukraine.

But as has been noted, the overwhelming support for Ukrainian refugees stands in contrast to the not as overwhelming support for other refugees (including at our own southern border), and to be fair, I have to include other members of million-displaced club, such as Myanmar for the Rohingya genocide and current violent suppression of its own populace, and China (listed as "China mainland" in the App Store, I guess to be perfectly clear) for the detention and forced labor of the Uighurs (I'm going to count that as displacement).

This is, as the overused saying goes, a slippery slope, and the list of offenders could keep expanding. And honestly, I really don't have that many app downloads, especially outside the US. I assume HyperBowl was already not available in China because I never bothered with the paperwork, and I'd be really suprised if there's a Russian oligarch or tank commander using my dim sum app, but if there is, I've got your number buddy. Otherwise, this is as symbolic as it gets, but at least I'm in sync with Apple.

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