A Fugu Maze Review

Apple doesn't notify developers of new reviews, and even though I periodically check on the App Store, that only shows me reviews in the United States.

So to see the latest reviews from other countries, I have to log in to App Store connect. And that's why I only spotted this February review from the UK for Fugu Maze today.

By the way, the use-your-own-photo-tile-the-maze feature was one of those experiments where I was just trying to learn something new (how to access the camera and photo album) and thought it was just a fun gimmick but it turned out to be something users liked.

I would normally reply to the review with a thank you, but three months is past the point of embarrassingly late. In my defense, Fugu Maze has been off the market until I republished it recently on a whim, so I don't even remember it being available for review back then.

And also Fugu Maze has generally not been received well world-wide (probably one of the reasons I took it off the market - it's free, so I don't like getting paid with low ratings).

My fellow Americans have been more generous.

Still, nice to have a satisfied customer from overseas!

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